A skilled attorney can be of significant assistance to a client with respect to the organization and operation of a business.  There are various forms in which a client may conduct business, all with different merits or disadvantages that should be discussed with the client.  With consideration of the nature of the business at hand, the attorney and client would typically discuss issues of ownership, formation, operations, administration requirements, control, liability, transfer-ability of interests, taxation and more.  The common forms of business operations include:

• Sole Proprietorship
• Partnership
• Limited Partnership
• Limited Liability Partnership
• The Business Trust
• Corporation
• Limited Liability Company

Following the commencement of operations, there are likely to be further issues that arise for which counsel can be of assistance, such as financing, labor and employment matters, protection of business interests, benefit plans, management disputes and perhaps even ultimately the sale or dissolution of the business.  Legal advice and counsel can prove to be of significant value to the operation and success of any business.  With over thirty (30) years of experience in the formation, administration and counseling of small businesses, Pereira Law, P.C., can assist you with your corporate business needs.

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